Centre Directors

The Mindfulness Centre was founded by Dr. Tamara Russell.  She now shares a co-directorship with Tony Langford.  This combination brings together the best of the creative arts, technology, neuroscience, mental “wealth” and innovation.  Find out more about Tamara and Tony below.

We work with a rotating Directorship model to ensure the work of the centre is relevant to now…..now……now.  Our constantly evolving models of mindfulness delivery ensure we can meet the needs of the most number of people in the most efficient and accessible ways.  Protocol-free co-designed mindfulness innovation is at the heart of our work.


Dr. Russell works with individuals and organisations advising on how to use mindfulness techniques to optimise performance and improve mental and physical well-being. She is the Director of the (currently virtual) Mindfulness Centre of Excellence, London, which has as its aim the evaluation of creative yet authentic mindfulness applications for all spheres of life.

Combining her clinical, neuroscience and martial arts training, Dr. Russell’s approach engages both body and mind, for a total solution to manage the stressors of our modern environments. The training is delivered via workshops and longer periods of training and can be conducted in groups or for individuals. Tamara specialises in delivering mindfulness training in the health sector, running introductory workshops for mental health workers and other health professionals and more specialised courses for those working with eating disorders, learning difficulties and severe and enduring mental illness.

Combining her clinical, academic and martial arts background, Dr. Russell has created the Body In Mind Training (BMT) program. BMT comprises gentle physical exercises conducted in a mindful way to enhance mental and physical well-being while you work and play.

 Tony Langford

Tony’s work and research intersects diverse disciplines and interests in the arts, technology and wellbeing. He is the co-founder and director of Kinetica Museum, one of London’s most innovative and forward-thinking cultural organisations, and have established networks and connections with artists, neuroscientists, academics and performers who are using some of the latest interactive, holographic and immersive technologies.

Through these networks Tony promotes the importance of arts, health and wellbeing in the on-going development of immersive technologies. He is investigating how technology might enable a re-direction or diffusion of attention to a more open and mindful state of awareness, and developing workshops exploring creative ways of broadening awareness to the breadth of sensory experience, including peripheral vision.  Tony is one of the UK trainers for the “What colour is your dragon” workshops to develop emotionally intelligent language in families.